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Reimagine. Remodel. Revive.

We'll transform your home to reflect you and your family.

At Artosa Interior Design & Construction, we believe that your home’s design should be a reflection of who you are. We’ve spent the last 25 years, combined, in this industry perfecting our process to take the time to get to know you and empower you to make the right design decisions for you. Our goal is to leave you feeling proud of the home built just for you and designed, by you. 


Step 1 of our process is an initial in-home consultation with our team.

Initial In-Home Consultation

Step 1

In Step 2, we will work on the design and space planning.

Design & Space Planning

Step 2

Step 3, we'll walk you through our plan and what the estimated budget looks like.

Budgeting & Estimating

Step 3

Step 4, time to transform your home!

Scheduling & Construction

Step 4

A well-executed home remodel starts with a great plan. 

We'll help guide you through the entire remodeling process, from design and material choices to every construction phase. We believe in minimizing surprises and setting realistic expectations by discussing budgets and timelines with open and honest communication.

The Roberts

"Kate and Bryan brought our dreams to a reality remodeling a 1985 home from almost top to bottom. The process went well and we are super happy with the end result. Bryan was open to tackling any out of the box ideas we had."

Experience seamless collaboration and a positive remodeling journey. Let's bring your dream design to life together!

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