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Meet the Team

Kate and Bryan's journey began back in 2012, fueled by a shared passion for transforming spaces into dream homes. With Kate’s keen eye for design and expertise in flooring materials, paired with Bryan’s construction and insurance-adjusting background, they make the ultimate dynamic duo. Together, they simplify the design and material selection process, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish. And with Kate being fully bilingual, communication with Spanish-speaking subs is always clear and makes for a smooth partnership. Their united front brings an unmatched level of excitement and ease to every remodel journey, making it stress-free and enjoyable for each and every client.

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Interior Designer

Kate Loeb

Kate takes charge of the design aspect, utilizing her experience of 10+ years to help with space planning, 3D renderings, material and color selection and project management. 

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General Contractor

Bryan Loeb

Bryan brings his 15+ years of experience with remodeling and restoration, as well as insurance estimating to manage all construction projects.


Our Story

When Kate and Bryan met, they fell hard and fast. But before their love story began, Bryan was living his lifelong dream of playing baseball at Baylor University while Kate was getting her degree in Spanish Literature & Language at Western Washington University. They married in 2006 after Bryan retired from playing professional baseball for the Diamondbacks and have been together for almost 20 years. In 2009, they welcomed their daughter Emerson, son Dallas in 2010, and daughter Decker in 2012. The two girls are avid volleyball players, and Kate has had the opportunity to coach them both. Dallas, in his father's footsteps, is quite the baseball player. Bryan and Dallas have had many great years on the field together, sharing their love for the game. They love to travel with their children and do so often. Kate, being fully bilingual, has helped lead their family on several adventures. They remain dedicated to their family, clients, and their love for design and construction. 

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