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"At the beginning, we were pretty trapped in a certain footprint. And [Kate] went ahead and showed me the current layout, which was very different from what I had allowed myself to think about, and then realized how important that was to make those changes. So happy she did that, I wouldn't love it nearly as much as we do now."

This 1986 lakefront condo was ready for an upgrade. We stripped it down to the bones, and repurposed areas to be more functional. Moving doorways, walls, and windows gave this home a more open layout. We decided on natural, simplistic materials to showcase the natural beauty of the scenery. Warm rift oak cabinets, marble tile in the shower with recycled glass mosaics, and warm white backsplashes complement the beautiful surroundings and our client's artwork. 

Gloom 80s to Modern Simplicity

Additional After Photos

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