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"The fact that [Kate] would take the time to go with me and help me with the design on top of choosing all the fixtures that was really helpful and was key in my choosing to work with her. I felt like she helped lead me. I would say lead me, but she kind of followed my lead. She never tried to influence my choices so it was a really good partnership."

This project is a 1954 home that we took completely down to the studs... and then some. We updated the wiring and plumbing, moved walls, relocated the kitchen, and utilized a 4th bedroom as the new master bathroom and closet. We went through several layout versions until we decided on the perfect one. We really enjoyed the material selection, as this was a mid-century house and our client was excited to add pops of color. The playfulness of the tile and other small but transforming details heighten the appeal of this beautiful home.

1954 to 21st Century

Brader Before & After

Additional After Photos

Experience seamless collaboration and a positive remodeling journey. Let's bring your dream design to life together!

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